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International and domestic airlines operating in Nigeria are gradually losing passenger traffic to Ethiopian Airlines over the East African carrier’s relatively cheaper fares, easy connectivity and most recently, concerted efforts by the country at becoming a one-stop-shop for tourists in Africa. BusinessDay’s investigations show that an economy class return ticket to Dubai on Ethiopian Airlines, costs N161,408, while same goes for N260,534 on Emirates Airlines.

Furthermore, an economy class return ticket to London by connecting flight on Ethiopian Airlines, costs N159,840 it goes for N502,884 on British Airways, and costs N317, 767 on Etihad Airways. Atlanta, which is also a frequent destination for Nigerians, costs N452,125 for a return flight, using Ethiopian Airlines. The same destination will cost a passenger N577,180 on British Airways and N505,330 on Emirates Airline. The obvious price discrepancy gives the average Nigerian customer the choice to opt for relatively cheap African carriers, especially Ethiopian Airlines.

The airline, which is the most connected in Africa, with 54 African and 94 destinations worldwide, is further consolidating on its efforts at becoming the largest aviation hub in Africa, with the attraction of tourists and corporate businesses from across the continent to Ethiopia’s hospitality and tourism offerings. The efforts at increasing passenger traffic have resulted in a growing preference of the airline by many Africans, especially Nigerians, for overseas trips and connection, and is further highlighted by a 17 percent increase in the number of passengers that used Bole International Airport in Addis Ababa, between January and August 2016, with the airport’s capacity sitting at almost 6.2 million absolute airline seats.

Nigeria plans to set up national airline, develop aviation capacity

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ABUJA May 3 (Reuters) - Nigeria has appointed advisers to help it set up a national airline and develop its aviation infrastructure -- currently seen as a barrier to economic growth -- to create a hub for West Africa, junior aviation minister Hadi Sirika said on Wednesday.

Sirika said a group of six firms including German carrier Lufthansa would advise the government on setting up an airline, an aviation leasing company and a maintenance hanger, and on creating concessions to run the country's airports.

A cabinet meeting on Wednesday chaired by Vice President Yemi Osinbajo had approved 1.52 billion naira ($4.99 million) of funding for the project, he added.

Know Your Rights as an Airline Passenger

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Airlines have a lot of leeway when it comes to denying passengers entry onto an aircraft. The recent incident on the United Airlines' Sunday flight to Louisville was a dramatic example of how far an airline can carry a situation once it decides to act.

But passengers do have some rights when they find themselves bumped off a flight—particularly if the removal stems from the airline's own overbooking practices. While United now says that Sunday's Chicago-St. Louis flight was not actually overbooked, overbooking of flights is increasing, says Henrik Zillmer, CEO of passenger assistance site AirHelp.com. "There will be much more of this in the future, so people really need to know what to do and what they're entitled to," Zillmer says. 

Unbeatable Flight Booking Tips

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Wondering why you never manage to bag a flight for quite as cheap as the next guy? Pining for a summer getaway but really need to keep the cost down? Then this list of 9 mistakes that the average buyer makes when booking flights is sure to help.

1. You're Only Checking One Airline

In the days of flight-aggregating websites and airfare-prediction apps, travelers no longer need limit themselves to the prices of just one carrier. So if you’ve always flown Airline X because you think they have the cheapest flights, check again! A new route may have opened up or an airline may have dropped its prices due to competition. Always comparison-shop before you hit that purchase button. 

Aero Contractors sanctioned over Use of Ladder to Disembark Passengers

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The Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) has imposed an applicable sanction on Aero Contractors Airlines in line with Nigerian Civil Aviation Regulations.
This is in response to the airline’s breach of safety regulations when it used a ladder to disembark passengers at the Bauchi airport on Saturday.

Nigeria Proposes Tax on International Airlines for Tourism

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Minister of Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed, has advocated the dedication of 1 percent of passenger fare of international airliners to fund the tourism sector in Nigeria. 

Airbus officially opens U.S. Manufacturing Facility

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In a much-anticipated ceremony (September 14) in Mobile, Alabama, Airbus inaugurated operations at its first ever U.S. Manufacturing Facility.  The plant – which assembles the industry-leading family of A319s, A320s and A321s – is officially open for business, with a skilled team of more than 250 Airbus manufacturing employees now at work on the first U.S.-made Airbus aircraft.

“Our commercial aircraft production in Mobile signifies two things:  that Airbus has become the first truly global aircraft manufacturer, and that Airbus is now also a truly American manufacturer,” said Airbus President and CEO Fabrice Brégier.  “With the addition of our U.S. facility to our production network in Europe and Asia, we have strategically expanded our worldwide industrial base.”

“The Airbus U.S. Manufacturing Facility is an important step forward in Airbus’ strategy, strengthening our position as a leader and competitor in all of our key markets,” Fabrice Brégier continued.  “It enables us to grow our already significant presence in America – the largest single-aisle aircraft market in the world – and to be closer to our U.S. customers and key supplier partners.  At the same time, the expanded industrial capacity gives us more flexibility to increase production across Airbus to meet global demand.  The U.S. facility is good news for the overall Airbus enterprise, as this greater production capacity creates global growth opportunities across the company and throughout our supply chain.”

An exclusive Experience in Arik Air Economic cabin

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As air travel becomes more dynamic by the day, international airlines introduce classy amenities to attract customers, who are even ahead of them in terms of innovations and the likes.

For instance, Economy class usually consists of uncomfortable cramped seats that follow a standard row format, but that is changing now because air travel has evolved.

Several airlines have introduced economy seats that can be converted to flat beds, and some have taken that even further.

Some airlines offer an economy class family Couch, with three economy seats that adjust into a flat bed to accommodate family and friends.

The seats come with a mattress protector, pillows, blankets, and a toy for young travelers.

There is no doubt that airlines are coming up with creative new seating arrangements in economy class

The seats are a good option for people who may need to do work or catch some sleep in privacy.

Offered for its premium economy class, the seating provides the option for comfortable seating without having to pay for business class.

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