Nigeria: Volkswagen Centre Introduces Three Models

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 The Volkswagen Centre has unveiled three new exciting VW variants in fulfilment of its pledge to rekindle the profile of its brand in Nigeria. The three models; Polo, Jetta and Passat CC were unveiled at a press conference in Lagos. Speaking , Mr. Manish Daryanani, head of sales and marketing, The Volkswagen Centre Lagos said that Volkswagen is the original and top selling marquee of the VW Group and the biggest German automaker and second largest automaker in the world. Daryanani, who said Volswagen's Golf, Beetle and Passat models rank among world's top 10 lists of best selling cars of all time, disclosed that Volkswagen is yet unrivalled among automakers that spend the most money on research and development.

Nigeria’s new GDP methodology underway

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NIGERIA may be inching closer to a new method of calculating its yearly Gross Domestic Product (GDP), a move aimed at reflecting the realities on ground. The move may have also been strategic given the persistent arguments over reports by international organisations on Nigeria’s development efforts, particularly the recent one from the African Development Bank (AfDB).

For example, AfDB scored the country’s efforts to halving poverty by 2015 as weak, which the Minister of Information, Labaran Maku has faulted on the basis of “outdated data.”

According to National Bureau of Statistics (NBS), plans are in     top gear to release new figures that would help in calculating the Nation’s GDP in December, with changes in the way they   are calculated. The move, which probably would boost the reported size of its economy, will also ensure that the country updates its GDP base year to 2010, to give a better indication of the size and composition of its economy.

Nigerian Diaspora Direct Investment Summit 2013, London

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Nigerian Diaspora Direct Investment Summit is designed to build bridges between investors in the diaspora and business or investment opportunities across Nigeria.

NDDIS are linking Diaspora Organisations, Government Agencies, State Governments, Chambers of Commerce and Nigerian Business Leaders to stimulate investment in the SME sector.










The objective is to create new companies; build up those that need capital to grow; and, stimulate the new jobs that will deliver widely-held-wealth across Nigeria.

For entrepreneurs across Nigeria, NDDIS opens up a web link to diaspora and Nigeria friendly investors across the world.

Our platform provides for the submission of individual business summaries. Each summary is held securely and confidentially. 

Nigeria sees growth in in-bound business travels

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Despite the difficulty in securing the Nigerian visa, the uncompetitive airfare, security threats and several travel warnings by most embassies to their citizens against travelling to Nigeria, the country still received more visitors in the last three years than Ghana.

Analysts, who attributed the influx to better business environment, among others things, noted that with more stability in governance, more international airlines and investors would signify interest in doing business in the country, adding that Nigerians also have started appreciating the need to travel by air as the fastest and safest means.

“Nigeria is one of the biggest markets in Africa, especially with its population. The whole Africa does not have the kind of market Nigeria has and with the number of people travelling, foreign airlines capitalise on it to apply for landing rights and domestic airlines to apply for air operator’s certificates. Also, on the domestic side, passenger traffic rises when the fare is low, with the coming of more airlines after the Dana crash, the fares dropped, while traffic is increasing,” Muhammed Tukur, secretary general of Airline Operators of Nigeria told BusinessDay.

Culture & Tourism as major growth drivers in Nigeria

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Nigeria’s minister of Tourism Culture and National Orientation, Chief Edem Duke has minister identified the culture and tourism sector as one of the major growth drivers for achieving the transformation agenda of President Goodluck Jonathan and reason behind the recent launch of the nation’s tourism brand, “Fascinating Nigeria”.
Speaking in Lagos at the weekend during the 1st convocation ceremony for all graduated students of the National Institute for Cultural Orientation (NICO) training school, he also emphasized the important of training and re-training of officials for the formulation and implementation of government policies.
He said: “the Federal Ministry of Culture Tourism and National Orientation, therefore places high premium on training and re-training of officers, because we appreciate that policy formulation and implementation are likely to suffer setbacks if the human capital is deficient or ill-equipped for the task.”
The school which was established in 1993 is to serve as a viable platform to meet the professional training development needs of cultural officer at the Federal, State and Local government. The graduation covered students from 2008 to 2012 with the award of Diploma and Postgraduate in Cultural Administration.

Nigeria Health Tourism To Become Center

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The Health Sector Reform Coalition (HSRC) has said the passage of the National Health Bill (NHB), which has failed to see the light of day since 2006, would not only be able to meet the health needs of the country but also become a hub of health tourism.
That way, the current practice of many Nigerians going abroad for medical treatment would be drastically reduced if not reversed, thus saving the billions of naira lost in foreign exchange annually.
These facts were disclosed at a press briefing in Abuja, by the Executive Secretary of Health Reform Foundation (HERFON), Dr. Muhammed Lecky, on behalf of HSRC.
With him were Dr. Segun Tunde, Executive Director, Evidence for Action; Dr. Amina Aminu, Director of Service Delivery, Partnership for Transforming Health Systems, PATH2; and Dr. David Olayemi of Save the Child.
Considering that it affects everybody one way or the other in terms of providing affordable healthcare for all Nigerians, the coalition urged all citizens to join in putting pressure on the National Assembly to pass the National Health Bill as a New Year gift to them.

African Union plans trade bloc

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African Union member states agreed this week to form a single, continent-wide free trade area by 2017. The 18th Ordinary Session of the AU wrapped up in Addis Ababa on Monday (January 30th) after two days of talks focusing on boosting intra-African trade. Attendees stressed that deeper economic ties would reduce poverty, create jobs, foster sustainable economic development and better integrate the continent into the global economy. However some heads of states expressed doubt about the possibility of achieving the goals of economic integration by 2017 in light of the challenges facing intra-African trade, the most important of which include poor infrastructure. The Deputy Chairperson of the African Union Commission, Erastus Mwencha, said on the sidelines of the summit that he expected intra-Africa trade to double within two decades if the roadmap and action plan were implemented. For his part, Tanzanian President Jakaya Kikwete said that the future of the continent's free trade area requires the establishment of a joint, open continental market from Cairo to Cape Town.
The African Development Bank's estimates indicate that in spite of the many conferences and agreements, intra-African trade only represented 12% of the market volume in 2010. However, the proposed free trade area would double the volume of intra-trade to 25% within 10 years.

British Council and the Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry Joint Tourism Plan

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The British Council and the Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) have jointly highlighted steps to follow in order to boost business and culture of tourism in Nigeria. The Country Director, British Council, Mr. David Higgs, said Nigeria is endowed with a lot of talent and opportunities to take its tourism industry to the next level, but stressed that the nation does not have much arts infrastructure to exploit the industry to its fullest. Higgs, during the Pre-centenary celebration lecture of the tourism group of the LCCI, explained that the way forward for the tourism industry in Nigeria is to address the issue of safety and security, improve customer service and quality and guarantee a hitch-free access to cultural assets.
He also stressed that cost is a factor hindering the growth of the industry, maintaining that tourism would thrive when there is a market where people can get quality services at affordable and reasonable prices. He pointed out that the key drivers of tourism are comfort and security, saying that any case of default in these two factors can cause an immediate and huge impact on tourism. He stated that most governments, through their embassies, also give relevant and vital information to their citizens about where to visit and also said any country having security issues might be affected by this move by the embassy. "No government would allow its citizens to visit a country that is not safe. Safety and security issues have to be addressed for any country that wants to make significant progress in this industry," he said.

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