Extra Helpings of Amtrak Trains for Thanksgiving Holiday Travel in Michigan

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In anticipation of its busiest travel week of the year, Amtrak is adding 18 additional trains to operate to and from Michigan during the Thanksgiving holiday season. The holiday is the busiest travel week of the year, and to accommodate the expected surge of riders, America’s Railroad® will operate every available passenger rail car in its fleet and is scheduling extra trains and adding capacity on other routes.The busiest travel days are the Tuesday and Wednesday before Thanksgiving and the Sunday after the holiday. Other than Thanksgiving Day, morning trains typically have more available seats than those in the afternoon and evening.  The attached schedule (also on provides information on these extra trains that will operate in addition to the Amtrak Wolverine Service,

China Tourism Is Expected To Flourish With Its First Tourism Law

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Tourist numbers are on the increase in China. Official figures showed that 3 billion tourists visited the country last year and the industry was worth 2.3 trillion yuan (376 billion U.S dollars), a year-on-year rise of 12 percent and 17.6 percent respectively. Many places in China, such as southwestern Yunnan and northern Shanxi provinces, have already realized the importance of owning a unique brand and have begun brand-building, which includes image, competitiveness, culture and scenic attraction. The nation’s first tourism law will be fully implemented on Oct. 1, which experts say will help upgrade the industry, as it will help to rectify unruly behavior among both agencies and tourists. The law will protect the rights of tourists and enforce safety measures at scenic sites. The law includes provisions to counter the practice of zero, or even negative, fare tours. These are tours sold at or below cost price to lure ingenuous travelers who are then forced to purchase goods or tip guides while on holiday.

World Tourism Day 2013 - Nigerian Travel Journalist Launches E-Book

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To mark this year's World Tourism Day celebrations holding September 27, award-winning travel writer, Pelu Awofeso, has launched the e-versions of his travel books, TOUR OF DUTY: JOURNEYS AROUND NIGERIA AND SKETCHES OF EVERYDAY LIFE and NIGERIAN FESTIVALS: THE FAMOUS AND NOT SO FAMOUS. Both titles have been available in print over the years but travel book lovers can now get them in the electronic form. "I have opted for a 21st Century approach to book publishing, which is the e-book," Awofeso, winner 2010 CNN/Multichoice African Journalist Awards (Tourism), says. "What this means simply is that there are no physical inconveniences of any kind-the books can be bought at the click of a mouse and from anywhere in the world."

Emergency Evacuation Continues As Thousands Of Tourists Remain Stranded In Mexico

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There is some relief at least for the 40,000 tourists stranded in a Mexican holiday resort cut off by floods. Emergency flights have started evacuation operations for the stranded tourists as they wait to be taken home after their worst holiday spent in Mexico due to the Tropical Storm Manuel which hit the coast on Sunday causing Landslides, rock slides, flood waters and collapsed bridges which severed links to the city of Acapulco. There was rush in the airport where Thousands of stranded tourists lined up outside an air force base north of Acapulco trying to find a seat in the handful of planes that were arranged to take the helpless tourists out of  the flood affected Mexico City. The passengers looked tired and worried as they waited dressed in shorts and sandals for up to eight hours outside the base for their turn to board the Air Force flight and two passenger planes being used in the evacuation operation, five helicopters and seven cargo aircraft into service.

Hotel prices skyrocket across Europe

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GERMANY – Hotel prices rise 72% this month in Munich ($280), where the beloved Bavarian, beer-filled celebration of Oktoberfest will take place. Fashion enthusiasts flock to Milan this month for Milan Fashion Week, sending hotel prices to climb 62% from last month (September 2013: $246, August 2013: $152). Meanwhile, travelers attending the 70th Annual Venice International Film Festival will pay an average $370 for a hotel room, (46% more than they would last month; $253). Paris ($283 up 48% from last month), Rome ($205, up 41%), Florence ($231, up 43%), Brussels ($181, up 65%) all report significantly higher hotel rates this month than in August. Barcelona ($230 this month) saw the most significant year-over-year growth in hotel prices (up 18% from last September, $195). These are the findings of the trivago Hotel Price Index (tHPI) prepared each month by hotel search

Egypt crisis hits tourism and economy

Written by  |  Tuesday, 03 September 2013 00:00  |  Published in GLOBAL TOURISM NEWS

Egypt's crisis is already taking a heavy toll on tourism and the economy, with foreign governments advising against travel to the country, holiday companies scrapping tours and some businesses scaling back operations temporarily pending a resolution to the violence.Germany and Sweden advised against all travel to Egypt, while the Foreign Office told Britons to avoid all but essential visits. German travel company TUI cancelled all holidays to Egypt for a month and Swedish operators followed suit.British energy companies are understood to be scaling back staff, although they say production levels have not been cut. Shell said: "To ensure the safety and security of our staff, Shell offices in Egypt are closed for business into the weekend and business travel into the country has been restricted. We will continue to monitor the situation in Egypt." BG, whose offshore liquefied natural gas operations account for about a fifth of its production and which pulled out 100 expatriate staff and dependents last month, said: "All our people are safe and accounted for, and we continue to monitor the situation." BP said it was keeping a careful watch over events.General Motors has closed its operations indefinitely and Electrolux has told its employees not to come to work.

Zimbabwe to head African tourism commission

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The United Nations world tourism body said Sunday it has chosen Zimbabwe to lead its Commission for Africa, the continent-wide group for tourism development for the next two years. The U.N. World Tourism Organization said that conflict-troubled Mali also joins the African tourism commission. Zimbabwe and Zambia are co-hosting the 155-nation tourism organization's summit, held every two years, at the resort of Victoria Falls on their common border. The six-day general assembly was formally opened by the two countries' presidents, Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe and Michael Sata of Zambia.. The United Nations said in a statement that July 31 elections in Zimbabwe, bitterly disputed over alleged rigging, "will be respected by the assembly." Australia, Britain, Canada and the United States have condemned Zimbabwe's July 31 elections for breaches of democratic rights, but they are not members of the U.N.'s tourism organization. Western governments are generally skeptical over the value of the biennial meeting attended mostly by developing nations with a poor record in tourism, conservation and political stability. Mugabe told the opening dinner celebrations and tribal dancing that the meeting endorsed Zimbabwe as "a safe and secure destination for world tourists." He said critical Western countries dominating other U.N. political and economic programs stuck to what he called their "demonic tendencies" toward him. Zimbabwe sought friendly ties "with all countries, even those with which we may not agree on all matters," he said.

Namibia to market tourism assets at Akwaaba market

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ONE of Africa’s most unique destinations Namibia is set to expand its appeal to more travellers this time in West Africa. The Namibian Ministry of Tourism and Environment and the Namibian Film commission will be showcasing at the only international Tourism Expo in West Africa that takes place in Lagos yearly.
  Namibia with its wild skeleton beach, the famed national parks and picturesque city of Windhoek offers a composite blend of attractions that appeal to the adventurous, the sedentary and the urbane shopaholic the types that have been flying out of Nigeria in huge numbers recently.  
West Africa with a population of over 270 million, people have two of the fastest growing economies in the world in Ghana and Nigeria. Nigeria with over six million international passengers generates over $1.25 billion from flight tickets yearly.   Today almost all the leading African and Middle East airlines are increasing flights into Nigeria with the rapid rise in passenger figures.

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