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Kenya has been elected to the highest decision making body of the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) Executive Council. The country will now sit at the helm of the UN affiliate body that coordinates tourism issues and programs worldwide for a period of two years until the end of 2017. Kenya’s nomination was confirmed at the ongoing 21st UNWTO General Assembly in the Columbia city of Medellin. The UN body from time to time lends its support to countries facing challenges related to tourism matters. Kenya has been a major beneficiary of UNWTO support as its secretary General, also a former Tourism Minister of Jordan, Dr Taleb Rifae visited Kenya twice this year to offer support as the sector suffered due to insecurity. UNWTO has also assisted in the development of a crisis management handbook, which will be shared among the players across the globe. After the elections East Africa, Commerce and Tourism Cabinet Secretary Phyllis Kandie, said that Kenya is privileged to be accorded the opportunity to represent East Africa and the African continent at the council. “It is a big honor, East African Community (EAC) is one of the fastest growing regional economic blocks in the world. It is also endowed with some of the most remarkable touristic attraction to be found anywhere in the globe” Said Hon Kandie. See also: Hotel classification takes off amid murmurs over results Already the region has launched a single tourism visa and at the recent UNWTO meeting in Mombasa,

Rwanda: Why Protection of Gorillas Is a Duty of Every Rwandan

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Rwanda has become increasingly vibrant for her environmental policies. The country's breathtaking beauty is an addition to her many attributes.

Support for education, investment, security and eco-tourism have made it assessable, affordable and one of the safest tourist destinations for adults and children in Africa and the world at large.

Rwanda's business-conducive climate and several recent reforms of the government's travel and tourism policy such as infrastructure development and a high-end travel and tourism marketing strategy have contributed materially to the momentous growth in Rwanda's travel and tourism industry.

These attributes to say the least have seen the tourism industry blossom. The industry, therefore, not only generates revenue to support conservation and management of natural environment but also generates many job opportunities for our citizens.

19% increase in tourism arrivals in the first eight months of 2015 in Seychelles

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(Seychelles News Agency) - With tourism being the main economic pillar of the Seychelles, 115 tropical islands situated just below the equator in western Indian Ocean, an increase of 19 percent in visitor arrivals from January to date, can be seen as a signal of economic growth for the country.

According to the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS), a total of 182,089 tourists came to the islands for holiday or for business up to September 6 compared to 153,469 for the same period in 2015. The top 10 source markets were France, Germany, Italy, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, China, Russia, South Africa, Switzerland and India.

Last year a total of 232,667 visitors came to Seychelles, which is expected to increase this year if the current trend continues.

The CEO of Seychelles Tourism Board (STB) Sherin Naiken has expressed her satisfaction with the performance up to now.  

“For us we have started the year on a very positive note in terms of tourism arrivals and we have seen during those months especially March and April where the rate of growth was very large especially during the carnival and Easter period where we have record months in terms of tourism arrivals,” Naiken told SNA.

Trial of suspects in tourist mob lynching starts in Madagascar

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Antananarivo (AFP) - Thirty-seven people went on trial in Madagascar's capital Antananarivo Tuesday for the lynching of two Europeans and a local man wrongly accused of killing a young boy.

Residents of Madagascar's tourist island of Nosy Be went on the rampage on October 3, 2013 after the body of an eight-year-old local boy, who had been missing for a week, was found on a beach.

Incensed by false rumours of foreign involvement and a paedophilia connection, a mob attacked Sebastien Judalet, a French tourist, and Roberto Gianfalla, a Franco-Italian resident of the island, and beat them before burning them on a beach.

The uncle of the dead boy was also killed and burned later the same day.

The judge adjourned the case on Tuesday because two police officers charged in connection with the slayings failed to appear in court.

The two officers are accused of failing to intervene to prevent the attack. Their lawyer said they had not received a summons to appear in court.

The other defendants are accused of premeditated murder, illegal confinement, torture and disturbing the peace.

Regional integration in Africa boosts trade; electoral fraud, too?

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Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari visited Ghana on Monday, and the two West African countries took the opportunity to cut red tape ahead of schedule. Ghana’s President John Mahama said that Nigerian traders interested in operating in Ghana will no longer be required to raise at least $300,000 in capital beforehand. All efforts to automatically eject those non-compliant Nigerian traders in Ghana have therefore been suspended.

The reason behind the sudden change lies with the deepening integration of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS). This bloc of countries, comprising Cape Verde, Benin, Ghana, Burkina Faso, Nigeria, the Gambia, Liberia, Guinea, Guinea Bissau, Togo, Niger, Sierra Leone, Cote d’ Ivoire, Senegal, and Mali, is progressing towards an E.U.-style organization. The countries already have extensive links in most fields, and their next big step will be the issuance of ECOWAS biometric ID cards in early 2016. These will entitle ECOWAS citizens to live and work in any member country without any restrictions. Referring to the Nigerian traders, Mahama said “I think that our continued pursuit of greater regional integration is resolving the issue by itself.”

Easing the flow of ECOWAS nationals across the region without the need for passports would facilitate trade and tourism, but there is a downside. Due to weak bureaucracies and electoral institutions in many member states, it is usually not too difficult or costly for foreign nationals to acquire enough

Study finds Kenya losing-ground-to-tourism-rivals

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 Kenya is losing billions of shillings in foregone revenue in the tourism industry, owing to a weak airline industry and insecurity. New data from the World Economic Forum (WEF) indicates that Kenya is losing out to rivals like South Africa, Mauritius and Seychelles, even as the Government spends billions of shillings to turn around the country’s second-largest foreign exchange earner. The study, which was conducted in partnership with the University of Nairobi’s Institute for Development Studies, looked at the openness of destination markets, ease of setting up a tourism enterprise and the nature of attractions and facilities. While Kenya has emerged as the fifth most competitive tourism and travel market in sub-Saharan Africa, its position is shaky. In almost all parameters, it lags far behind regional leaders South Africa, Mauritius and Seychelles. In fact, Kenya’s dominance in the East African tourism market is marginal at best, and the country stands to lose its lead to Tanzania, Rwanda and Ethiopia. Strategic advantages “Kenya ranks 78th in the global tourism market out of 141 countries, and fares strongly in terms of natural resources (11th globally), brand visibility online (10th globally) and leads Africa in the number of known species of mammals, birds and amphibians,” reads the report, titled The Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report 2015. See Also: Hotel classification takes off amid murmurs over results These strategic advantages place the

Partnering to boost tourism in Kenya

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Kenya Airways and Kenya Tourism Board (KTB) have entered in to a partnership that will see both entities promote tourism growth in the east African country.
The two entities signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) relaying that the collaboration is to stimulate the promotion of tourism to Kenya.
"This MOU that we will be signing today is anchored on our mutual corporation aspirations and the desire to strengthen our presence, both as a country and as an airline in key markets around the world," said Mbuvi Ngunze, chief executive officer of Kenya Airways.
The partnership also enables KQ to leverage on KTB's global marketing platform to increase the number of tourists flying the airline, to and from Kenya.
According to Muriithi Ndegwa, managing director at Kenya Tourism, the industry is competitive but it believe its partnership will be able to build the numbers they need to grow tourism.

Kenya Airways partners with KTB to promote tourism
Kenya Airways and Kenya Tourism Board (KTB) have entered in to a partnership that will see both entities market the country as a tourism destination of choice.

Kenya: Dubai Team Seeks Trade Openings

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He said packages that include Halal tourism options would be well received in the UAE. Kamali said the agency will support Kenyan businesses in identifying and meeting prospective buyers in Dubai. He spoke yesterday during the opening of a trade mission from United Arab Emirates.

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